Aug 28th - Sept 1st - HP (BOSTON)
Aug 13th - DAY - SLS Pool
Aug 7th - 11th - ISAGENIX with MAROON 5 (LAS VEGAS
Aug 6th - Delano Pool - LAS VEGAS
Aug 5th - Delano - LAS VEGAS
July 31st - DAY - SLS Pool
July 30th - DAY - SLS Pool
July 22nd - Private Event (Comic Con)
July 21st - Private Event (Comic Con)
July 17th - DAY - SLS Pool
July 7th - Private Event (Kilroy Partners)
July 4th - Private Pool Party
July 3rd - DAY - SLS Pool
July 2nd - DAY - SLS Pool
June 30th - Wurstkuche
June 29th - Private Event (Kilroy Partners)
June 25th - DAY - SLS Pool
June 25th - DAY - Pretty Nice DayParty (Lock&Key)
June 24th - District
June 23rd - Wurstkuche


May 18th - Private Event (Fine Art of Events)
May 16th - ACE (HOT DAMN!)
May 15th - Private Event (Kilroy Partners)
May 12th - Private Event (DISNEY)
May 11th - NIGHT - District
May 11th - DAY - SLS Pool
May 10th - Private Event (Fashion Shoot)
May 9th - Private Event (Fashion Shoot)
June 5th - Private Event (Phoenix Pictures)
June 4th - SLS Pool
June 2nd - Wurstkuche
May 29th - SLS Pool
May 28th - Private Event (Wedding)
May 27th - Viceroy
May 26th - Private Event (Bad Robot)
May 21st - NIGHT - Private Event (Bernie Sanders)
May 21st - DAY - SLS pool
May 19th - ACE (HOT DAMN!)
May 14th - Night - District
May 14th - DAY - SLS Pool
May 13th - Viceroy
May 7th - Sadie
April 30th - Nighthawk
April 29th - Private Event (Bad Robot)
April 28th - Wurstkuche
April 26th - Private Event (Bad Robot)
April 24th - Bar Marmont
April 23rd - Skybar
April 21st - ACE (HOT DAMN!)
April 16th - Viceroy
April 14th - Wurstkuche
April 9th - Skybar
April 7th - Private Event (President Obama)
April 2nd - Wellesbourne
March 5th - Sadies (Hollywood)
March 10th - Rock the Vote (Private)
March 17th - Hot Damn!! - Ace Hotel
March 19th - Wurstkuche (dtla)
March 4th - Rush Street Lounge
Feb 27th - Private Party - Ojai, CA
Feb 25th - Oscar Party (Bad Robot)
Feb 26th - Private Party (San Diego)
Feb 20th - Private party (Beverly Hills)
Feb 19th - Bad Robot
Feb 18th - Ace hotel
Feb 12th - Sadies
Feb 12th & 13th - Delano (Las Vegas)
Feb 14th & 15th - SKYFALL (Las Vegas)Jan 8th - Skybar (LA)
Jan 9th - Private event (Phoenix,AZ)
Jan 12 - 17th - Isagenix Conference - Dallas, TX
Jan 21st - HOT DAMN - Ace Hotel (dtla)
Jan 24th-29th - LinkenIN Global Conference - LAS VEGAS

Dec 9th - Fashion Shoot (LA)
Dec 10th - CAA Holiday Party
Dec 12- Bad Robot Holiday Party
Dec 17th - HOT DAMN - Ace Hotel (dtla)
Dec 18th - San Deigo (private event)
Dec 19th - Wedding (LA)
Dec 31st - New Year’s EVE - Little Rock,AR
Oct 27th - Skybar
Oct 23-27th - Delano (Las Vegas)
Oct 30th - Halloween Party (Wharehouse - LA)
Nov 5th - Wellesbourne
Nov 6th - Wurstkuche
Nov 7th - Hotel Figueroa
Nov 15-18 - HP Global Conference (Atlanta)
Nov 19th - HOT DAMN - ACE HOTEL (dtla)
Nov 27th - Wurstkuche
Nov 28th - The Reserve
Nov 30th - Fashion Shoot
Dec 4th - The Wellesbourne

Skemaddox was born and raised in Memphis,TN with a heavy influence of music and culture. After spending three years in London,UK involved in the UK house scene, Skemaddox moved to Los Angeles,CA where he started throwing parties with Anthem Magazine and REDBULL and MFG. After several years of seeing and working with some of the best dj's in the world Skemaddox joined the ranks. 

Skemaddox has cultivated some high profile clients and obtained residencies at some of the most sought after spots in Hollywood. Skemaddox is known for his high energy and versatile style. Throwing down old skool jams mixed with the best of house and cutting edge music of today. 

Past & Current Residencies include
(Partial List)
SLS Beverly Hills - Music Director
The Roosevelt Hotel
Franklin Lounge (Vegas)
Skyfall (Vegas)
Viceroy Hotel
Lexington Social House
Soho House
Ace Hotel
Crocker Club
The Reserve
The Wellesbourne
The Room
Bar Copa

JJ Abrams - Bad Robot
Viceroy Hotel Group
Warner Brothers
Elisabeth Shue


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